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Boss Lady Book Characters, Boss Ladies, Career Women
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The future is bright!

Explore career possibilities for girls from A-Z in a way that's playful, fun, and seriously inspiring!

B is for Boss Lady book cover
B is for Boss Lady Activities _Courtney Davis and Leslie Hernandez
Boss Lady Fun for Everyone_B is for Boss Lady

Foster a boss lady mindset with the activities below.
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Boss Lady Coloring Activity
Boss Lady Role Model Activity Worksheet
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Boss Lady Authors

Courtney Davis & Leslie Hernandez

Two marketing mavens met while working at one of the largest children's book publishers in New York City. They shared a passion for empowering young females and started to work on this book as a fun side project in 2018. They wrote this book to help empower all girls to see themselves as the bosses of their future.  They are thrilled to now be able to share it with the world!

Courtney Davis and Leslie Hernandex coauthors B is for Boss Lady
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